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But programs like this require cherry-picking by a person to make their work look good, Harmon says. She wanted to build something that could evaluate its own ideas and choose the best ones, like a human author.

Furthermore, she says, a poem written by OGDEN or Racter might be charming once or twice. But if you read enough of the program’s outputs, you’ll glimpse the patterns it’s following. The poems won’t surprise you.

“As system creators, we want to be surprised too,” Harmon says. “For me that’s one of the most important features of creative systems.”

[via How Machines Write Poetry, by Elizabeth Preston]

poet droid 0.5

Even among the barnstorming gossamer and the oscillation of the global conscience
How we speak of the cloud

These radio heretics of a symphony — so sadly wildest —
We co-exist with the tainted beggaries
Offline but for the lip in the handy joke
We cruise by the keyboard.


— been working on this one for a while; still working on it
and I’ll talk more about how I made it in a future post
but right now, it is what it is, there


What’s interesting about the service is that no account is needed — simply visit the website and begin typing away. When you’re done, hit publish and it’s immediately on the web.

Telegram launches Telegraph, a long-form publishing platform


I lost/removed myself from quite a few friends on the day I chose a ridiculous loyalty to port 80 over them and refused to use the service

(which is one part of the story, as I was getting dangerously burnt out on several fronts anyway; self-preservation needsmust after all, dahling)

but this piques my interest

perhaps the determined and predetermined nature of its ephemerality is what fascinates me

same as yourworldoftext, I suppose



apropos the last

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and it would not be a digital however-temporary-or-permanent home of mine without

Beautiful Weapons [The New Inquiry]