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in the forest there grew a single tree

to have a mind that is at once autumn and spring
wasteland and paradise;

but who will set the flame to my roots
and who will melt my diamonds back into tears?

it is as though I am dragging myself through a long slow late dream
and my shell is broken
even now spilling black inky liquid that might have become stars or words
across cracked pavement

and the sky is rusted

a growl lower than thunder
lupine motor machinations searing my chest

and I swore
and I swear

this is not
how it ends

  1. This is lovely! <3

    And since December is almost over, I wanted to wish you a great and very happy, creative and healthy New Year!
    And always keep writing! 🙂 Do you have any creative/writing projects planned?

    The book I mentioned in my blog is my second poetry book, it came out in late September.


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