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reminders in the key of “why”

by Chiara Bautista
(c) by Chiara Bautista

When you look at her work…you are looking at the visual embodiments of her lovenotes to her untouchable, and unattainable muse [who] reciprocates this creative process with complex and elaborate stories created only for the two of them, which she in turn illustrates. Their relationship is the artist and muse relationship, but on a rather drastic and epic 21st century twist…She deeply misses someone she has never even met. Their love is impossible, and that’s the way they want to keep it.



a good year for the roses

I said sometime around January
[my traditional dead moon month]
that this would be an introverted year

and so it was
but things are becoming a little different, now

something is unfurling slowly
like hope

or resistance…